Welcome to Sarvodaya Holiday website

We wait impatiently at the beginning of the year for Human Resources to update the annual holiday list so we can plan getaways for the coming months.

Fridays and Mondays are most prized, and with list in hand hurried WhatsApp groups are created and suggestions added to the mix.

What happens next is one of two things.

  1. Everyone goes to Goa (again)
  2. Everyone goes to Bali and/ or Thailand

So we created the Cleartrip Holiday Planner. A power-packed calendar and planner all in one. Our trusty, well-travelled sources (Ambika and Hoshner of reDiscovery Project) have compiled a holiday calendar you won’t find anywhere else. The recommendations are timed for weather and seasonal events, and nearly all suggestions they have personally visited, so they know what’s what. Plus, we’ve added Instagram worthy spots because you haven’t really been anywhere if you haven’t ‘grammed it.

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